Introducing Finish-Time

Autocross Time Management and Publishing Application for Windows, Macintosh and Web!

Finish-Time is an easy to use cross-platform autocross time management and publishing application for Windows, Macintosh OSX, and Web. We currently support the JACircuits®, RaceAmerica AC4®, RaceAmerica T-link® and Chronomix® CC737 timers. The timing and scoring crew can easily stage each car as the finishing driver’s time is automatically recorded. Any penalties accrued by a driver are easily assessed by the crew with Finish-Time’s extra large toolbar buttons.

Finish-Time supports importing from multiple sources include previous Finish-Time events, and to streamline your event management.

Event Results can be published in several ways.

  1. Print the results for drivers to view during the event.
  2. Creating a results Web Application (Web App) complete with details for each driver, listing their runs and comparisons to the best run in their class, for posting on your Club’s web site.
  3. Publish LIVE event results to your web page during the event. Requires internet access at the event site.
  4. Exporting to comma seperated value (.csv) or tab-delimited text (.txt) for use with virtually any spreadsheet or database application. Enabling you to customize the results, and points calculations outside of Finish-Time’s built-in functions.

There are no monthly licensing fees for the Web App, or external resources needed. The Results Web App is a selfcontained package. Just post it on your Club’s web site.

Regardless of which way you choose to post the results, Finish-Time will also include the class standings, (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.) and points for each driver in the event.

Conventions Used in this Guide

Finish-Time Help uses screen captures taken from both the Windows 10, and Macintosh OSX Big Sur. The interface is identical on all platforms, so the differences with the screen captures are cosmetic and only have to do with the differences between the Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX Platforms.

Most menu items have their respective Operating System keyboard equivalents. On Macintosh, the Command key is the primary modifier and on Windows, the Control key is the primary modifier.

What’s New in this Version

  1. Auto-Bump function
  2. Event points calculation.
  3. Import drivers from MotorsportsReg.
  4. Optional Course Map image for the Web Results and Finish-Time LIVE web App.
  5. Barcoded Staging. Requires a hand held barcode scanner and label printer.
  6. Support for the Race-America T-Link Timer Interface.
  7. Tech Inspection tracking at Registration.
  8. Enhanced Announcer Screen with Top Ten PAX and Top Ten Raw times and Announcer AI Display that scripts out an announcement for the announcer when a car finishes.

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