Printer Setup

To facilitate quick and easy printing of any reports, page layout and printer settings are managed in the Report Setup Function Panel.

Upon installation and first start, Finish-Time will should determine your default printer and apply the best options regarding page margins and orientation for each of the reports. But they may not be what you want, so they can be re-configured by choosing View > Report Setup.

Located right below the Header is a horizontal menu listing each of the available reports. Event Results, Drivers List, Log Sheets, Assignments, Event Stats, and Income Report.

Below this menu is the Sort By option for each of the reports.

Changing the Layout for each Report

  1. Click on any one of these and Finish-Time will present a Preview of the page.
  2. Click the Page Setup toolbar button.
  3. Change the Orientation, Page Size, etc.
  4. Choose your sort options for the report as required.
  5. Confirm the Changes, Finish-Time will refresh the preview.

To change printers

  1. Click on the Report as above.
  2. Click the Print toolbar button, the Print dialog appears and choose the printer that you want to use for this report.
  3. Confirm the selection.

The Autocross Results and Log Sheets are composed for landscape printing on Letter Sized (8.5x11) or Legal Sized (8.5x14) paper, depending on the number of runs chosen. You can use larger sizes if your printer supports them.

Report Printing

Reports can be printed at any time, even during a timed heat. Click the Print toolbar button and choose the report that you want to print.

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