Posting the Results On-Line

We make it easy for you to generate a full featured event results web page, or Results Web App as we call it. This task simply creates all of the data, scripts and HTML needed. All you will need to do is post this Web App to our web site. Options include:

Finish-Time creates a Web App using Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery and AJAX to present the event results on your web site. A JavaScript enabled web browser is required for visitors to view the results.

Supported Web Browsers
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Chrome
  • Brave
  • Most Android and Apple hand-held device browsers

Customizing the Results Web Application

Included in the current install are ten custom color schemes for you to pick from.

To Customize your Results Web App

  1. Choose View > Web App Layout, or if it is already open, click the Web App Layout tab.
  2. Choose the Style Sheet that best matches your web site, and the preview will refresh.
  3. You have the option to only include the drivers first name, or thier full name. The default is First Name only.
  4. To include an optional link, i.e. a link back to your home page or to a table listing all of your current results, enter the full path in the Link field and enter a caption. This menu will now appear on the top left of the Web App.
  5. Click the Course Map tool bar button to choose a JPG or PNG image of the current course map for the Web App to display to your drivers. Images must be less than 2 MB in size.

Exporting the Results as a Web App

  1. Choose File > Export Results > Results Web App
  2. Click Browse to choose a folder on your computer to save the Web App.
  3. Enter the Web App name, then click Save.

Posting the contents of this folder to your website can be handled by your webmaster. It is necessary to keep the files found in the exported folder together. You can rename this folder what ever you wish, but the contents should be kept intact and uploaded to your website

Finish-Time LIVE

Finish-Time LIVE enables you to post the autocross results to a web site while the event is in progress. The upload is handled automatically at a time interval you can choose. Your event participants can track autocross event results and their work/grid assignments, and course map on-line live. This requires on-site internet access to your web site.

There are a few pre-requisites to support Finish-Time LIVE:

  1. A Web Server running PHP 7.x or greater.
  2. FTP Access to the web server. (Only required to upload the Web Application, not to post live results.)
  3. Working knowledge with FTP software, or your host might have a tool in the Admin Panel for uploading.
  4. The directory where the Web App resides must have Read and Write access. This might already be the case on Linux servers, but not MS Windows. This too should be configurable via an Admin Panel.

Configuring Finish-Time LIVE

  1. Select Tools > Finish-Time LIVE
  2. Click Create App... button and save the Live Results App to your hard disk.
  3. Use any FTP client to upload the contents of this folder to the location on your clubs website where you will be hosting the LIVE Results.
  4. Enter the Live Results URL. This would be the full address to where you are hosting your LIVE results. Then press the TAB key.
  5. Take note of Live Results Status at the bottom of the dialog box. It should read: Ready!If it does not, see below.
  6. Choose if the results you are posting are official or not.
  7. Choose the Upload Interval in minutes.
  8. Enter the Event Site Zip Code and the Weather Widget Units for your region, this will include the current weather conditions for the Event Site.
  9. Then click the Start button.
Example URL

Starting Finish-Time LIVE

  1. Select Tools > Finish-Time LIVE
  2. Confirm that you configured Finish-Time LIVE above.
  3. Choose the Upload Interval in minutes.
  4. Enter the Event Site Zip Code and the Weather Widget Units for your region, this will include the current weather conditions for the Event Site.
  5. Then click the Start button.

Finish-Time LIVE Status

The URL is pointing to directory on the web server that does not contain the Finish-Time LIVE App.

The Finish-Time App at this location is an older version. To correct this, delete all content at this location and follow the Configuring Finish-Time LIVE to create an updated App/

Going foward, Finish-Time will update the JavaScript as needed, and you will not have to repeat this procedure unless we implement a major change to the Web App.

The Server is running an older version of the PHP Interpreter, or PHP is disabled. Finish-Time LIVE requires Version 7.0 or greater. PHP is supported on both Linux and Windows Servers. Most hosting services use some kind of Admin control panel like C-Panel, PHP configuration is typically handled there.

Finish-Time LIVE scripts require both Read and Write permissions on the web server. The write test here failed, granting read/write access is typically handled through some Admin control panel like C-Panel.

Finish-Time for Web (Previously called Remote Access)

Finish-Time for Web is a subscription-based option that extends some of Finish-Time Desktops functionality to one or more designated users so that they can assist with driver registration and event management through any internet enabled device like a smart phone or tablet.

Supported Web Browsers
  • Internet Explorer 10+ (including Internet Explorer Mobile)
  • Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Apple Safari 6+
  • iOS 6.0+
  • Firefox 11+ (including Firefox for Android)
  • Chrome 16+ (including Chrome for Android)
  • Opera 68+
  • Brave Version 0.63.55

What’s Needed

FinishTime Web Configuration

Although multiple event officials can access Finish-Time for Web using any Internet Enabled device, only one installation of Finish-Time can be enabled. This is achieved by "pairing" the timing computer to your Club’s account at that you created when you first downloaded and purchased Finish-Time.

Be sure that you are using the same PC that will be used during the event. This is important, you are about to "Pair" this PC to your account, therefore only this PC and installation of Finish-Time will connect to our server.

  1. Log into your Club’s account at
  2. Click you email menu at the top right side of the web page and choose My Account
  3. Click Remote Access, your Subscription renew date and Paired To status should be visible. Remote Access requires a subscription, if your subscription has lapsed, please renew before going forward.
  4. Start Finish-Time on the computer that you will be using at the event site.
  5. In Finish-Time, click Tools > Finish-Time Remote to open the Remote Access dialog.
  6. Your Subscription might be blank or not match the subscription date on the web site, that’s OK and will after you pair the device.
  7. Click the Pair button.
  8. Enter your account User Name and Password.
  9. Click OK.

Now, your timing computer is paired to your clubs account. Going forward, when Remote Access is enabled, event officials will have access to via their smart phone. Pairing must only be performed once. Unless you change/upgrade your timing PC.

Using Remote Access

Access should only be made available to official event personnel. They will need the log in credentials to your Club’s account on our web site.

Click Tools > Finish-Time Remote.

Full Duplex will enable push notifications to your browser to keep any browser connected in full synchronization with Finish-Time. Although this does increase your data usage and over-head on the Timing PC, it is minimal. With a limited data plan, you can turn this off here. Keep in mind that on-line users will not get updates.

In your web browser, go to and log in to your account. Click Remote in the menu at the top of the page, if Finish-Time is connected, you should see the Remote Home page.

Remote Access maintains a web socket connection with our server, therefore, response is dependent on the internet connection between your timing laptop, our server, and your smart phone. Latency between these connections will affect application response.

Remote Access Menu
This is the Home Page of the Remote Access App. It lists the event properties and the last car to finish.
Event Properties
Event Date, Location, Name, etc. can be changed here and are updated upon clicking Save Changes.
Access the driver database to Register drivers for the event, or edit their results.
Event cash reconcilement function.
Bump classes if needed.
Detailed instructions for users regarding Remote Access.

Driver Registration

Remote Access Driver Registration is the functional equivalent of Finish-Time Driver Registration, accept for a few differences with the User Interface, the procedures are the same.

There are 6 Toolbar Buttons located near the top of the Remote Access - Drivers page.

  1. Drivers List
  2. New Driver
  3. Edit Driver Registration
  4. Edit Driver Results
  5. Delete Driver
  6. Show All/Registered Drivers

Drivers lists all current drivers in the database, just like the Run List in Finish-Time. To register a driver listed here click on their CarID update their class, etc. Then click Update

If the driver is not listed, Click the New Driver button (#2 in the image above). Enter their CarID, choose the class in the Enlisted menu then enter their Name, etc. To commit the driver to the database, click the Save button at the bottom of the form.


Exporting the Results in text format

The event results may be exported in Tab-Delimited Text format, or as Comma Separated Values (CSV) format for use with a third party database or spread sheet for further processing.

To export the Results

  1. Choose File > Export Results
  2. The file save dialog box opens, choose a file name and the format and then export the results.

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