Timing and Scoring

The Timing Function Panel is Finish-Time’s Timing and Scoring interface. Here is where you Stage and Penalize drivers and generally manage all timing aspects of the event. It consists of a Stage/Start table at the top, complete with a searchable Stage Driver field. The driver listed at the top of the Stage/Start list will be the next driver to Finish. Newly staged drivers appear below the previously staged driver.

Below Stage/Start is the Finish table. When a car passes through the finish, it will appear at the TOP of the Finish table. Cars listed here can be staged again, penalized, and flagged for a rerun as needed. When you stage a car that has previously run, the car will be removed from Finish table. Penalties applied to a driver listed in Finish, only apply to their LAST run.

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Before sending the first car off, it is recommended that you perform a Preflight Check of all of your hardware. Ensure that the start and finish photo heads are properly aligned and the serial port cable is firmly attached to the timing computer. Finally, test communication between the timer and your computer.

To Stage a Driver

It is important that the sequence of cars staged also reflects the sequence in which they are staged in Finish-Time to ensure that you are following the First In, First Out concept. Finish-Time offers several different ways to stage cars, there are also provisions for re-ordering them or removing them from this list.

Alternative Staging Methods
  • Enter the driver’s CarID in the Stage Driver field located in the Stage/Start list, and press ENTER on your keyboard. The Stage Driver field is searchable by First Name, Last Name, Car Make, and Model.
  • Double-click a driver in the Drivers List
  • Drag and drop one or more driver(s) from the Drivers List to Stage/Start
  • Right-click a driver in the Drivers List and choose Stage
  • Right-click a driver at Finish and choose Stage.
  • Scan the drivers Barcode on their vehicle or helmet.

The newly staged driver will be listed below the driver previously staged in the Stage/Start table. You may Stage as many drivers or groups of drivers as you want.

Re-ordering Staged Cars

Cars listed at the Start may be re-ordered by dragging the car to it’s new position in the Stage/Star table. This is especially help full when staging multiple cars at once.

Insert Staging

To insert a car between drivers listed at Stage/Start, select a car in the Drivers List, then choose where you want to insert them at Stage/Start. Right click, then choose Insert.

Scratching Staged Cars

Cars may be Scratched from Stage/Start by first, selecting the car then, click the Scratch toolbar button. Cars listed in the Finished list cannot be Scratched.

Penalizing Drivers

Drivers listed at Stage/Start and Finish can be penalized during an active run heat.

Applying a Penalty

  1. Click the driver in the Stage/Start or Finished list.
  2. The O/C and DNF penalty toolbar buttons work like an On/Off switch. Click once to apply the penalty, click again to clear the penalty. The Pylon penalty button increments the number of pylons by one. The number listed is the quantity of pylons displaced, not the penalty time.

Clearing a Penalty

  1. Click the driver in the Stage/Start or Finished list.
  2. Click the None toolbar button removes all penalties for that run.
Penalty Function Keys
  • F2 Off Course
  • F3 Did Not Finish (DNF)
  • F4 Add Pylon Penalty
  • F5 Clear Penalty


To facilitate reruns declared by the event Chair, Finish-Time enables you to easily flag any driver listed at Finish. The next time that driver takes a run, their new time will replace their current run time. Just like the penalty buttons, the Rerun toolbar button works like an on/off switch.

Flagging a Rerun

  1. Select the driver in the Finished list
  2. Click the Rerun toolbar button. "RERUN" will appear in the "Penalty" field.

Driver Finished, with no cars staged

It’s bound to happen. One or more drivers will finish when they were never Staged. Un-assigned runs will appear in the Finished list, highlighted in red.

Assign a driver to a Un-Assigned Finish

  1. Select the driver in the Drivers List
  2. Drag the driver over-top of the Un-Assigned run in the Finished List, then drop the driver in place.

ETA Calculator

Finish-Time will attempt to calculate when the Last Car Off will take place, signaling the end of the timed event. It does this after the first seven finishes. The ETA time appears at the bottom of the window and will update throughout the day depending on the number of cars finishing within a certain time. Note that after a worker changeover, the estimate might off by several minutes. This is normal and will correct it’s self after a few more runs.

Editing the Results

The Results Function Panel serves dual purposes, it is the only way to edit drivers times and penalties, and displays the Comparison Table listing the position of each driver in class and shows the difference in seconds between the listed driver and their competitors. It’s the same table found on the Announcer Screen. Raw times may be edited at any time, even during a timed heat.

To edit a drivers Raw Time

  1. Select View > Registration, or if it is already opened, click the Results Tab
  2. Clicking the Back or Next buttons on the toolbar will scroll through the list of drivers. You can also drag the driver from the Drivers Panel and drop them anywhere on the Results Function Panel.
  3. Change the time, or click the Penalty Menu to change the drivers penalty

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